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Meditation Class Passes

Buddha Statue

Single, 5, and 10 Class Passes

Are  Available

Ways We Can Meditate Together

There are a few options for us to meditate together.


1. We have meditation class weekly at Mind, Body, Fitness, Yoga in Alamogordo every Monday at 4:00pm and Wednesday at 4:30pm. 


You can register for future group classes at Mind, Body, Fitness, Yoga by clicking here.


2. We also offer private virtual and in-person sessions that may better fit your schedule, or if you are interested in a more personal format.


These private appointments can be scheduled in our appointment calendar that can be found here.

3. Join the Distinctive Mediations private podcast for a growing library of meditations ranging from 5-30 minutes that can be done in the comfort of your home and in your own time for only $10/month. To sign up click here.

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